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The Full Story



Starting with a pre-med student with a passion to help others and a desire to follow his dream to become a doctor. With his own struggles of being a non-traditional student faced with diversity he gained a desire to help those who also face diversity. Not being satisfied with how other missions trips were being conducted he set out to make a change and create something that was not there before. Gathering a group of his peers and with a help of a close friend who shared his passion, Medical Missions Abroad was born. With each trip and an explosion of interest from other students they knew they were on the right track.


Committed to making a truly amazing and unique international service trips that help not only those who are underserved but also the volunteers who partake on this adventure with them. He created his own path and gained acceptance to Medical School to obtain his Medical Degree and a Masters in Public Health to further develop his passion and dream for global health. With the knew knowledge learned and with an additional passion gained to help others also achieve their dream to get to that next level in their career. Medical Missions Abroad Corp continues to grow and develop into a rapidly expanding organization that strives to leave a large impact abroad and locally.


Medical Missions Abroad facilitates learning and growth for future healthcare providers and leaders. With a focus on ethical hands-on exposure, the organization steers volunteers to become thoughtful and educated individuals who can bring unique perspectives into the field. With the help of professionals, we have built a program that prepares students for their next step in life by facilitating clinical competency at/near the level of certified medical providers while simultaneously helping those in need both globally and domestically.




In addition to clinical skills, Medical Missions Abroad offers events that embody necessary experiences, building traits that the AAMC refers to as “core competencies.” We give members the ability to determine if the healthcare field is right for them and the opportunity to build a competitive resume applicable to various fields. Our programs offer diverse life experiences and the cultural awareness needed to be not an average, but an outstanding applicant and future healthcare provider.


Use the opportunities we provide and the individuals you will meet as self-reflecting experiences. Come to volunteer and leave as a future leader in your profession. While Medical Missions Abroad offers so much more, we ultimately envision that the individuals who partake in this adventure with us will think about this moment in time, who they are, and who they would like to become. We hope everyone can see our vision as the best place for self-reflection and helping in the determination of the direction individuals take in the next chapter of their lives.

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