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Utilize your school breaks to get ahead of the crowd

The Bali, Indonesia Spring Break service trip is a week-long opportunity for you to gain insight within the Indonesian Culture. Utilize the clinical training we provide to have a hands on experience with the local population while you partake in health checks with medical students from the area. Enjoy your break with down time in the evening where you can enjoy the local culture, amazing food, and cultural experiences incorporated into your trip.

MORE than just your typical service trip!!

We get it, students do not get much time off from school to pursue different passions in life. It is important to have a diverse set of hobbies and time to decompress from the rigors of daily life. That is why we try to bring a little more adventure to your experience. Feel free to incorporate add-ons and customize a unique experience with fun cultural activities ranging from meeting the indigenous population or getting more in touch with nature on a beautiful nature hike or safari. Regardless of what peaks your interest we have opportunities for you.

Bali view



The Service trip consists of a medical component, cultural activities, and volunteer opportunities that may be available depending on the availability of projects at the time of your experience that we offer to everyone. You can build upon this by utilizing our ADD-ons to create a more unique trip tailored to your specific interests. But the Base trip includes pretty much everything you need to gain a better understanding of the medical field, provide service to those in need, and gain awareness of different cultures. It also includes your lodging, meals, transportation in country, and help from supporting staff while abroad, it also includes access to our clinical training and more which you can read about below. 

What to expect

While in Bali, Indonesia you will begin your journey being immersed into the culture. With a city tour and an introductory orientation; you will learn more about the culture, receive a basic overview of the language to help you communicate, proper cultural etiquette of the country, an overview of the itinerary. The tour of the city with local staff will allow for you to get a better understanding of the culture and to help familiarize you with where you will be staying as well as provide suggestions of where to go during your evenings if you desire to explore the city with other members in your group.

Following this you will begin your service portion of your trip.


The Service you will provide

After meeting with local medical students, you will be participating in a community health outreach. Going to local villages with medical students/professionals where you will conduct health checks, utilizing the clinical training we provide, where you will be performing a supervised medical work up in a small group with local medical student in various homes throughout the villages. The clinical work up may consist of doing various parts of a medical exam from taking blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, pulse oximetry, patient history and a limited head to toe physical exam utilizing the clinical training we provide our members. The medical supervisor for your group will over see your work and provide feedback as well as complete additional, more intimate, components of the exam, when needed, while you shadow and observe if permitted by the patient.


After you obtain your patient data you will report back to local physicians where you may have the opportunity to learn more about the health care process and how conditions will be treated for the individuals you see. If you feel comfortable you may use our clinical training we teach you to present your patient to the physician and receive feedback from a medical professional if the opportunity presents itself.


We understand everyone learns at a different pace, so we provide a neutral environment where you can practice what you feel comfortable doing and do not expect you to do more than what you feel capable of doing but do like to try and facilitate personal growth by positively encouraging you to try new things.


In addition, throughout the trip you will have integrated cultural components where you can experience various aspects of the country and gain a new perspective on the culture to have a more wholistic experience.


The Accommodations:

We understand everyone has different needs. We provide several accommodation options for you to have options and to make sure you are comfortable. With more economic lodging options for those who have a budget traveling we make sure you have adequate lodging that is also appealing for the price. We know you will be more than satisfied with options we provide. 


ADD-ONs (prices found in international trip shop):

Several add-on options are available for this trip. With various day-trips options to pick and choose from, you will be happy to know that you can customize your own unique experience with different prices and opportunities you can tailor to meet your needs. **these options are incorporated at the end of the service program and will increase your trip length by several days.


Penida Island Excursion:

Choose to add an exciting adventure to your trip and explore Penida Island. After taking a short boat ride to the Island you will have a guided tour of many of the popular sites on the island. You probably have already seen quite a few on social media but now you have the ability to see them yourself and learn about the history of this breath taking island and all it has to offer. 

Gates of Heaven Excursion:

The Gates of Heaven is an iconic is located at east Bali's Lempuyang Temple. Being one of Bali's iconic instagram shots we have to offer our members an opportunity to see this landmark. We will offer a private guided tour from the hotel so you may beat the selfie lines. Besides the Lempuyang Temple, if time permits you may even explore the Tirta Gangga water palace, lounge on white sand beach, or even soak up views from Asah Hills depending on availability.

Other fees/expenses:

There are a few other fees that are required and not included in the cost of the program. They include:

  • Flights

Flights are not included but ​Group flights can be requested through us. We will send you information and flight options after you select the group flight option and an initial deposit of $125 is paid. 

  • Visa are not included 

Please check for your Visa requirements before traveling the cost of the trip does not include a VISA. Due to the nature of our trips you are responsible for obtaining your own Visa before traveling and refunds unfortunately will not be given in the event your trip is canceled or you are turned away at immigration. If you are required to obtain a VISA just email us at

  • We will provide an invitation letter for each participant if needed.

  • Travel insurance: Prices vary depending on your needs. 

Although not required we advise all are members to obtain travel insurance in case of emergencies it is always better to be safe than sorry. We do not recommend any specific company nor endorse any. We do advise that you have a good understanding of what the insurance covers (we recommend one that includes a health component, as well as a flight insurance option)

  • Spending money: 

​The amount you need to spend varies amongst the participants. Each volunteer has different needs and the amount is up to the participants. We do recommend having spending money for emergencies such as bank card issues or any unexpected circumstances that could occur while traveling. Things do happen sometimes so always good to be prepared. Be aware that cash may need to be converted into the respective country's currency if they do not accept USD.

  • Vaccination requirements:

Nothing is compulsory but we recommend following the advice of the CDC for Indonesia.

Price Breakdown: $1510

$1135 Program cost:

  • Lodging

  • Local Staff Support

  • Clinical Program Cost

  • Meals (not including 4 dinners)

  • Local Transportation

  • Cultural Activities

  • Incidentals


$375 Non-refundable Deposit. The deposit is included in the total price of the trip. 

Deposit break down includes:

  • $100 reservation charge

  • $80 Administrative Fee

  • $75 Background Check charge

  • $50 Non-profit donation

  • $45 MMA clinical uniform

  • $25 MMA travel shirt


  • Visa (if needed)

  • Passport

  • Spending money

  • Flight costs

  • Add-ons (prices in international trip shop)

  • Group Flights

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