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Colombian and Wayuu Tribe Service Trip

Colombian Service Trip

The Colombia service trip is our most popular and well-established volunteer experience. It’s a multi-city, multi-week trip that engages volunteers with various communities in the Santa Marta and La Guajira regions of Colombia.

What does Medical Missions Abroad Corp offer?

We have decades of combined experience hosting volunteer abroad trips across the world with a special focus on Colombia. In particular, we've hosted the Medellin and Bogota trip multiple times with successful results time and time again. We've handled all the legwork for volunteers, including reaching out to local Colombian nonprofits, regional medical professionals, and other on-site groups to build a framework for the experience. Volunteers will be working alongside local volunteers, physicians, and medical professionals. All you have to do is show up to work with a can-do spirit, a giving attitude, and the level of expertise you've gained in your respective field. We'll take care of the rest!

Who is benefitting from the services?

Our Colombian medical volunteer abroad program focuses on serving various disenfranchised and underserved groups in this South American country. More specifically, volunteers will be working with internally displaced Colombians, Venezuelan refugees, and the indigenous Wayuu Tribe. The primary areas the program reaches are La Guajira and Santa Marta, representing both more connected and rural regions.

What's the trip like?

Santa Marta

In Santa Marta, volunteers fly directly into the coastal city and are provided with accommodation right away. Here, you'll spend the first period of the trip providing health clinics in the local communities, offering ethical medical exams to locals, and providing donations such as books and food. The whole goal is to improve healthcare and education within the underserved area. In our clinics, you'll have the opportunity to shadow medical professionals and interact directly with patients. You'll have the evenings on your own to explore the stunning coastal atmosphere, interact with locals, and spend time with fellow volunteers.

La Guajira

This volunteer trip takes place further inland in the La Guajira region. This is where the indigenous Wayuu people reside. This is a more rigorous and advanced type of experience with less amenities available due to the geographical location while participating in the clinical portion of the trip. You'll be sleeping in traditional hammocks built by the tribes as accommodation. Often called the "Forgotten People," the Wayuu represent some of the most underserved peoples in South America. There are several projects volunteers may be helping within this area, including the running of medical clinics, the construction of wells, gardening, food drives, and more depending on the supplies available at the time of the trip.

What do you get out of the experience?

As one of the leading medical volunteer opportunities in Colombia, our participants stand to gain significantly from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here’s how you can benefit from this trip:


Hands-On Experience

One of the most challenging assets for aspiring medical professionals to gain is hands-on experience. Employers and schools alike love to see previous work on your resume, which is exactly what you get when working on one of our medical trips abroad. You'll be engaging with locals in various communities with guidance from medical professionals.


Adventurous Travel

It’s time to itch that travel bug by visiting one of South America’s most stunning countries. Colombia is renowned for its dense jungles, expansive mountain ranges, vibrant culture, Spanish-colonial architecture, and dynamic cuisine. You’ll get an in-depth travel experience through our program with a chance to visit multiple unique communities.


Helping Others

The focus of the trip is offering much-needed medical assistance, support, and attention to local communities in Colombia. You’ll have the opportunity to improve the lives of internally displaced Colombians, Venezuelan refugees, and the indigenous Wayuu Tribe. Seeing lives improve before your eyes will instill within you a sense of perspective that’s difficult to gain elsewhere and stays with you for a lifetime.


Who is this medical trip abroad for?

Our Colombian service trip is perfect for college students who are pursuing a career as a dentist, doctor, or other forms of a medical professional, as well as for those who wish to travel and help. It's a perfect way to gain essential hands-on, in-field experience, shadowing hours and volunteer hours. These factors may greatly improve your chances of getting accepted to advanced degree programs, residencies, and professional roles. However, this program isn't just for aspiring medical experts. It's a great chance for anyone who enjoys traveling, exploring different cultures, helping others, and having a positive impact on the world. This program has something for everyone!


Make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

You have an amazing opportunity to gain valuable work experience, explore a beautiful country, and improve the lives of others. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take that leap and go on an adventure. Dozens of like-minded medical students have already completed this life-changing trip with amazing experiences. You could be next! Contact us today to learn more about our medical volunteer trip to Colombia. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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