Tanzania Shadowing SpringBreak Trip

The Tanzania Shadowing SpringBreak Trip allows you to maximize your school break and earn highly sought after shadowing hours by allowing you to shadow various fields in health care during the day and obtain approximately 100 shadowing hours throughout the duration of the trip. In the evenings, enjoy your free time with friends or choose to participate in a few of the cultural events we incorporate into the experience. We strive to bring you a great experience and increase your overall knowledge of medicine and cultural awareness. 


Not just shadowing!!

We get it students do not get much time off from school. That is why we try to bring a little more adventure to your experience. Feel free to incorporate add-ons and get even more of a unique experiences with fun and cultural activities ranging from meeting the indigenous population or getting more in touch with nature on a beautiful nature hike or safari. 

Aerial Drone Shot. Traditional Masai village at Sunset time near Arusha, Tanzania.jpg

Shadowing in Arusha

During your spring break you will have the pleasure of being placed in a department of your choice and shadow in various hospitals or medical centers in Arusha, Tanzania. Each facility having a range of departments and services you can shadow. Depending on where you are located, limited patient interaction may be available and may include patient history taking or patient intake depending on your supervising medical professional preference. Either way you will be more than ready with our clinical training that is included.

The Facilities:

Selian Lutheran Hospital: Selian Hospital sees roughly 200 patients daily and has 110 in-patient beds. Department's include: Outpatient, In-Patient, Surgical, Pediatric/NICU, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dental, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Operating Theater, ICU, Physio & Occupational Therapy, Radiology.​

Levolosi Health Center: Levolosi sees roughly 150 patients daily and has 40 in-patient beds. Department's include: Tuberculosis, Outpatient, Ophthalmology, Dental, Pharmacy, Diabetes & Blood pressure, Maternity (antenatal, labour, post operative neonatal).


Mount Meru Hospital: Mount Meru Hospital has 371 bed capacity and see 200 - 300 outpatients daily. Department's include: Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Neonatal, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Emergency Medicine, Mental Health


Meru District Hospital: Meru District Hospital has 110 bed capacity and see around 100 patients daily. Department's include: Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Radiology and Pharmacy


Traditional Medical Center: Traditional medicine sees around 10 - 15 patients daily. Department's include: Blood pressure, Diabetes, Urinary tract infections, Gonorrhea, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Cervical diseases, Fibroids, Skin diseases.


Center for Educational Development In Health Arusha (CEDHA): Variable patient amount. Consists of: Interviews, Discussion groups, Informal meetings.

The Accommodations:

We understand everyone has different needs. We provide several accommodation options for you to have options and to make sure you are comfortable. With options to have your own room, share a room to reduce the cost, and more economic lodging options for those who have a budget. 

Main Accommodations


Being one of the best hotels in Tanzania, the Gran Melia hotel is in the beautiful city of Arusha, the gateway to Tanzania. With over 18 acres of landscaping, which includes tea and coffee plantations waterfalls, flowers, in this exclusive tropical paradise. Sitting slightly to the east of the of Arusha town center it is in a fantastic location with plenty to do in the evenings, after your internship, off the hotel grounds such as seeing the cultural Museum, shopping mall, Twiga local brewery, or simply hanging out to explore the Arusha town (which we will show you during the City Tour). 

Wireless High-speed internet connectivity
24-hour Concierge
Multi-Language staff
Babysitting service on request
50-meter Outdoor Swimming pool
Fitness Gym
Hairdresser and beauty salon
House of Gems

Safety-deposit box in all guest rooms

Air Conditioned
Outdoor balcony equipped with furniture
65-inch LCD Television
Tea & Coffee Station
Hairdryer & Make up Mirror
Gown & Slippers
Work Station Desk and Chair
Individual climate control air conditioning

Economic options:

Keeping price in consideration we offer a secondary accommodation option for those who desire to stay in a budget. Check out this additional accommodation below, it may not have all the amenities of our primary option we still try include a suitable option that can accommodate our members. 

Secondary accommodations 


Gand Crest Hotel


Our hotel consists of a gymnasium, and a swimming Pool. We have daily housekeeping, nightly bed turndown services, next day dry cleaning facilities, free wireless broadband satellite and internet access anywhere in the hotel.


1 DAY Safari:

3 DAY Safari:



Optional Day trip ADD-ONS: 

Several add-on options are available at checkout. With various day-trips options to pick and choose from, you will be happy to know that you can customize your own unique experience with different prices and opportunities you can tailor to meet your needs. **these options are incorporated at the end of the shadowing program and will increase your trip length by two days.

Napuru Waterfall – full day ($60)

From Arusha we will hike for three hours to the waterfall, through villages and wonderful nature, including forests and hills. If we are lucky we will be able to see many birds and monkeys. At the waterfall we will have lunch and a swim for those who wish. The walk back takes around two hours.


Lake Duluti & Forest Walk – half day ($60)

Lake Duluti is situated about 10 kilometers away from the busy town. The lake is surrounded by a great forest. After two hours walk around the lake and through a forest - offering the opportunity to see birds, different plants and perhaps monkeys - we will have lunch at the lake, play cards, drink a soda or simply enjoy the view. For an additional fee, there is the option of canoeing across the lake.


Coffee Plantation – full day ($70)

Do you like to drink coffee? Then this tour is the right activity for you! In the morning we start our way to the coffee plantation nestled in the slope of Mount Meru. On arrival we learn how coffee grows and is harvested. We will roast, grind and drink our own coffee. You will also learn about the sugarcane plantation and take a village walk to get a nice inside look at Meru culture and a lot of interesting facts about coffee and the place itself.


Oldonyo Sambu Maasai Market – full day SATURDAY only ($50)

We will leave the busy city behind us driving towards Nairobi, where Oldonyo Sambu is situated in the Maasai Land. On the market you will get the chance to buy Maasai blankets and jewelry and see how food and different animals are traded.


Maasai Village – full day ($70)

In the morning we make our way to a Maasai village. At the village we will be welcomed by local Maasai people. They will show us around and explain their traditions and (former) ways of life. When returning to the village a hot local lunch is waiting for us. You will also go on a bush walk learning about the different plants the Maasai use as medicine. If you like you can learn about local dances, Maa-language and other traditions.


Chemka Hot Springs (Maji Moto) – full day ($70)

The hot springs are located on the way to Moshi. From the main road it will take 30 minutes to the Hot Springs, which are surrounded by stunning nature. The water is temperate and invites visitors to swim. Or you can relax and discover the area around the springs and admire Mount Kilimanjaro from afar.

This tour can also be done as a sleepover trip with camping. Ask us for details!


Materuni Waterfall with coffee tour – full day ($70)

Early in the morning we start driving towards Moshi. When the air is clear we can see Kilimanjaro on the way. Once in the village of Materuni there is a lot to discover. We learn about the local Chagga community based there. They will tell us about their culture and way of life and teach us about the cultivation of coffee and how it is harvested. We will roast, grind and drink our own coffee.

Then a short hike takes us to the Materuni waterfall, the highest waterfall in Tanzania. Materuni is located near the Kilimanjaro National Park and is surrounded by beautiful nature. You have the chance to see birds, butterflies and even monkeys.


Marangu, Chagga Caves and Ndoro Waterfalls – full day ($70)

We have an early start in the morning and leave Arusha to drive towards Moshi. If the sky is clear you will be able to glimpse Mount Kilimanjaro. From Moshi we continue to Marangu, starting point for one of the routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. From there we drive to the Chagga caves, built during the war between the Chagga and the Maasai. After lunch we continue to Ndoro Waterfalls. A steep climb takes us to the Falls. Bring your swimsuit and you can stand under the waterfall. Marangu is located near the Kilimanjaro National Park and is surrounded by beautiful nature. You have the chance to see birds, butterflies and even monkeys.


Swing Adventure with Waterfall and ViewPoint – full day ($55)

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous day trip that is not a long drive from Arusha, then you have come to the right place. This full day tour offers any thrill that you are seeking. The tour starts with a short one hour hike that gives you an excellent view over Arusha and the natural scenery surrounding the area. After hiking, your tour guide will bring you to a swing that takes you more than 5 meters off of the ground. After hiking and swinging you will be provided with a delicious lunch before being taken to a beautiful waterfall, where you are able to swim.



Other fees/expenses:

There are a few other fees that are required and not included in the cost of the program. They include:

  • $100 Visa ("Ordinary Visa" for humanitarian and charity activities, required to volunteer in Tanzania.)

    • Can be acquired upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania but we highly recommend applying online to obtain this)​

    • Online Visa: https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/

      • We will provide an invitation letter for each participant.

  • Travel insurance: Prices vary depending on your needs. Although not required we advise all are members to obtain travel insurance in case of emergencies it is always better to be safe than sorry. We do not recommend any specific company nor endorse any. We do advise that you have a good understanding of what the insurance covers (we recommend one that includes a health component, as well as a flight insurance option)

  • Spending money: The amount you need to spend varies amongst the participants. Each volunteer has different needs and the amount is up to the participants. We do recommend having spending money for emergencies such as bank card issues or any unexpected circumstances that could occur while traveling. Things do happen sometimes so always good to be prepared. Be aware that cash may need to be converted into the respective country's currency if they do not accept USD.

  • Criminal Background Check: Due to the nature of our activities a criminal background check is required and must be submitted prior to your departure. We do work with various medical facilities, children, and share accommodations. Because of this we like to ensure that everyone of our members are in the presence 

  • Vaccination requirements:

Nothing is compulsory but we recommend following the advice of the CDC for Tanzania.


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