Utilize your school breaks to get ahead of the crowd

The Bali, Indonesia Spring Break service trip is a week-long opportunity for you to gain insight within the Indonesian Culture. Utilize the clinical training we provide to have a hands on experience with the local population while you partake in health checks with medical students from the area. Enjoy your break with down time in the evening where you can enjoy the local culture, amazing food, and cultural experiences incorporated into your trip.

MORE than just your typical service trip!!

We get it students do not get much time off from school. That is why we try to bring a little more adventure to your experience. Feel free to incorporate add-ons and get even more of a unique experiences with fun and cultural activities ranging from meeting the indigenous population or getting more in touch with nature on a beautiful nature hike or safari. 

Bali view


While in Bali, Indonesia you will begin your journey getting immersed into the culture. With a city tour and an introductory orientation where you will learn more about the culture, receive a basic overview of the language to help you communicate, proper cultural etiquette of the country, an overview of the itinerary, followed by a tour of the city to help you get a better understanding of the culture and to help familiarize you with where you will be staying.

Following this you will begin your service portion of your trip. After meeting with local medical students, you will be participating in a community health outreach. Going to local villages with medical students where you will conduct health checks, utilizing the clinical training we provide, where you will be performing a supervised medical work up in a small group with your medical student in various homes throughout the villages. The work up may consist of doing a various parts of a medical exam from taking blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, patient history and a limited head to toe physical exam (limited to what you are ethically trained for; see our clinical training page for more about our clinical training), your medical supervisor in your group will over see your work and provide feedback as well as complete additional components of the exam that are more intimate while you shadow them and observe. After you obtain your patient data you will report back to local physicians where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the health care process and how conditions will be treated for the individuals you see. If you feel comfortable you can use our clinical training we teach you to present your patient to the physician and receive feedback from a medical professional. With a background in education we understand everyone learns at a different pace, so we provide a neutral environment where you can practice what you feel comfortable doing. 

In addition, throughout the trip you will have cultural components where you can experience various aspects of the country and gain a new perspective on the culture to have a more wholistic experience.

**notes: village info put into here, go more into detail with the cultural aspect**


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