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What We Offer

We offer opportunities in five different continents consisting of exclusive medical centers, makeshift clinics, cultural awareness activities, and social outreach programs, giving members a new perspective of what it means to be selfless while facilitating the most current medical education.




Clinical Skills

Before embarking with Medical Missions Abroad Corp, our clinical instructors train volunteers to instill skills comparable to MS1 medical students. Not only do these volunteering opportunities shine when speaking to your character, but the hands- on experiences and expansion of your cultural awareness can only add to your competence as a future provider.



Build lifelong connections and friendships, interact side-by-side with medical professionals, and be directly immersed in local cultures. Gain insight into the application process while gaining insights regarding the determinants of health in underserved nations. Then use the training we provide and the people we work with to give back to communities locally and abroad to help address these issues.

Travel with your peers and see what it really means to help others, gain clinical knowledge to put you ahead of other applicants, and solidify your aspirations to enter medicine with Medical Missions Abroad Corp.

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Yourself in Culture & More


Cultural Competence is an additional goal.

 Knowledge of socio-cultural factors affecting interactions and behaviors allows individuals to connect and build relationships with a diverse and larger group of individuals. While it also demonstrates a certain amount of appreciation, respect, and compassion across multiple dimensions of diversity. Providing individuals the opportunity to develop the ability to recognize and establish a personal obligation to establish one’s judgment and engages diverse and competing perspectives as a resource for learning, citizenship, and shaping their own morals. We want our members to recognize and ethically address bias in themselves and others. To give them growth and a new perspective to allow them to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

Utilize Our Exclusive Pre-med services & More

We want you to have the knowledge to succeed.

In addition, you have the chance to also develop your medical interest with exclusive advice for navigating admissions. With our annual Medical Student Panels, Medical Professional Panels and Admission Representative Panels we allow you to personally ask questions to current healthcare providers and school-specific admission committees. Get genuine and personal answers to your specific questions that you cannot just find on an online forum.

As we understand how complex and critical standardized tests are, Medical Missions Abroad now offers opportunities to help you get the scores you need. With Q and A panels regarding exams such as the MCAT, DAT, and GRE, MMA also gives members the chance to obtain FREE exam preparation material from some of the top companies globally, such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review (value of $3,000)!




While overseas members obtain invaluable skills and experiences, Medical Missions Abroad offers stateside opportunities. If traveling abroad is not for you, that is okay, we offer equally invaluable skills and experiences from clinical training, shadowing opportunities and helping with local clinics in your community. While we are working to spread our local work you get the opportunity to get involved in our growing campaign to address the disparities in our local communities too.

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