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Service trips customizable to your interest and budget. Pick a country and start gaining knowledge and skills.

Ethical and Beneficial International Trips:

We take time to build international trips that are ethical and well rounded. Each trip is a bit different and oriented in giving our members either a Shadowing experience, a clinical hands-on experience, or both, With a background in the Medical field and Public Health we work on building truly unique experiences that help those in need and also help those volunteers who become involved build new skills as well as cultural experiences. We are persistently growing and adding more trips but take the time to ensure each trip meets our standards. We are here to serve and make a real impact so we personally train all are members and provide medical professionals for our members to shadow and/or oversee our members clinical work in the field during our clinical outreach within our make-shift clinics. We know Medical Schools look down upon unethical medical experiences because we have gone to medical school our selves. Although our trips are for any students who want to get involved and not just premedical students we do like to keep our standards the same by provide proper training and having medical professionals oversee your work, in a non-objective manner, because the individuals we serve we see ass human beings.


Customize Your Trip:

We give you the advantage of making a customizable trip by providing add-ons that can take your experience to the next level. We understand individuals have different needs so we give you the option to adjust your trip to meet those needs. All our trips start with a base trip experience.

Every trip has a base experience with a base price that includes at least the following:

  • Lodging

  • Local transportation

  • Meals

  • Accommodations

  • Clinical and/or Shadowing experience

  • Cultural experiences/tours

  • Clinical training

  • Clinical supplies

  • Local staff support

  • Local medical professionals


Make your trip unique to you with ADD-ONs:

We know that students have busy schedules so we do utilize schools breaks to efficiently provide these amazing opportunities to you so your school life does not get impacted. We also know that students do need a break from the daily routine. So we created Add-ons that vary depending on your budget and interests. Directly allowing you to be in control of your own experience. Options other service trips do not offer. Feel free to Add-on a trip with amazing excursions at varying prices and lengths. Allowing you to create a trip with an even more in depth awareness of the country as well as bringing a little more excitement and fun to your experience before you depart.


Wait we do flights too?

Want to travel with fellow members? We can arrange a flight for you with fellow members or choose to get your own flight. Just obtain a flight that arrives at the specified date and airport that will be provided for your trip.


Budget a concern?

We provide fundraising opportunities for our members. We work with local stadiums to give you an opportunity to raise funds for your trip. Other organizations put that on you by suggesting you create a go-fund-me. With us we give you guaranteed opportunities to fundraise for your trip and even let you have individuals fundraise with or for you. But also feel free to create that go-fund-me as well; thats definitely okay with us too. Learn more about our fundraising on our fundraising page.

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