How we align with secondary school admissions

With an emphasis of helping others. We offer opportunities more than just international service trips and local volunteering. Having multiple members making it into the next stage of their career, we want to help you get there as well. Learn more about how we to align with the application process. Striving to help our members get to that next level of their career; we offer multiple informational panels, medical courses, training, and certifications. We want our members, no matter what field they choose, to be competitive applicants. We not only offer experiences, but tips from individuals who have made it to the next level of their careers and opportunities to build upon your own personal experiences.

How we align with
the admission process:

It is no mystery that professional programs such as medical school, physician assistant programs, and dental school are becoming more competitive. Using AAMC data in 2021, we can see that nationwide applicants surged by over 7,000 students, with some schools experiencing a 35% increase. While great metrics such as GPA and exam scores (MCAT, DAT, GRE) will help, it is only half of the battle. Metrics do not tell admissions committees about who you are as a person. With an average of 2500 more applicants per year with stellar grades, schools must consider the larger picture of the individuals to determine who is not only capable but who is genuinely passionate. Admissions committees will be the first to tell you that they would accept an individual with unique experiences and passion over one with only good grades. Medical Missions Abroad emphasizes the idiosyncrasies of a model applicant, by providing opportunities to prepare our members for what is considered the most competitive application process, Medical School Applications, we are indirectly making the application process across every medical field fair for everyone so the truly passionate individuals can shine on their interview day and achieve their dream profession.

What medical schools and other medical
secondary schools are looking for:

Look to the right at the AAMC holistic model visual: Each category only comprises a minor third of the whole picture. Applicants should empower themselves by boosting the aspects they control over, such as Experiences which you can continuously build upon to help shape your unique story. While Metrics and attributes are modifiable, they are limited in how much control you have over them because they are contained within finite parameters. MMA offers these opportunities and our history proves our efficacy. As a member of Medical Missions Abroad, you will be exposed to unique experiences that incorporate your best attributes and be a member of a one-stop shop for a competitive application. Designed by former students who have seen firsthand the challenges and obstacles an applicant must tackle; MMA offers the tools to become the best version of yourself. We extend an invitation to join us and are excited to work with you.

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